Room 16 is comprised of eighteen year one students who are 5 years old. They wish to share their learning with you.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Now We Are Six.

October has been a busy month for birthdays in Room 16.  These four boys had their birthdays during the holidays and came back to school a whole year older.  Room 16 helped them celebrate with a birthday certificate.
Logan, Pene, Fateh and Feiloaki are now all six years old!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Pt England Cross Country 2018

Room 16 were well represented in the year one boys race with Samson coming first and Tupou coming second.  It was a very close finish.  Well done to Samson and Tupou.  Your training helped you run the whole course without stopping.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Using our iPads for Inquiry

This term in Inquiry we have been thinking about healthy eating and other ways we can keep our self fit and healthy.  At the end of the term the children had to do an activity on their iPad using the skills they have learnt such as copy, paste and duplicate to show what they had learnt.  Here are three of the children at work on the task.
Samson copying an object.

Logan thinking about a choice.

Nate completing the activity. 

Monday, 15 October 2018

Saturday, 13 October 2018

E Ruru Taku Poi

Room 16 have been learning to use poi in te Reo.  First they practised with one poi while singing the waiata E Ruru Taku Poi.  With a bit of practise they were soon trying out using two poi with quite some success.

Friday, 12 October 2018

More Ducks At School Stories

Story and picture by Mariposa

"I saw the ducklings on the field.  I like the ducklings."  Story and picture by Chevelle

"I saw the duck and the ducklings too.  The seagull was going to stand on the duckling when the Mother Duck was looking away so the ducks and the ducklings went back to the creek."  Story and picture by Samson

"The duck is on the field and he can fly.  The little ducklings can't fly."  Story and picture by Alazye

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Team Assembly Certificates

Anne Marie has been putting in effort with her learning so she was awarded a Team Assembly certificate.   Mariposa is always an enthusiastic member of Room 16 so he was also a recipient of a team certificate.  Chevelle always has a great positive attitude towards her learning, quietly getting on with her work.  Well done Chevelle.
Anne Marie and Mariposa

Chevelle with her Team Assembly certificate