Room 16 is comprised of eighteen year one students who are 5 years old. They wish to share their learning with you.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Olympics Fun Day

Olympics Fun Day from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

The Olympics Fun Day was an opportunity for playing games and mixing with other year levels.  The children were put into groups representing different countries,  They had to work together to earn points for their country by competing against other teams and for good sportsmanship.  It was a great day finishing with a relay with the seniors competed against the staff and helpers.  Thanks to all the helpers for making it such a well organised and fun day.

Friday, 23 December 2016

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
We finally managed to have our school picnic and what a day we had!  The children had a great day  finding crabs, covering each other with sand, making castles and decorating them, having a picnic under the trees and going for a swim with their friends.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Swimming like Dolphins

Swimming Like Dolphins from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
Recently the children had 8 swimming lessons over at the Glen Innes pools.  With practise, they were all making progress with lots of shouts to "Look at me!" as they mastered a skill.
Many thanks to the instructors for helping to keep the children safe around water over the summer.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Team One's 2016 Prize Giving Item

Year 1 item Prize giving 2016 from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Prize Winners in Room 16

At the 2016 Prize Giving Room 16 was represented by Hinemoa for Citizenship, Hamza for Effort and Jin for Academic Promise.  Well done the three prize winners.

Jin, Hinemoa and Hamza.

Popping Popcorn

Popping Popcorn from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
Room 16 made popcorn as part of our inquiry into how things change.  We found that popcorn "changed from hard yellow kernals to soft, fluffy, white yummy popcorn".  We watched it spinning around "as if it was in was in a tornado" and then "explode out of the machine."  We liked taste testing.  Jin even found popcorn that "looked like an elephant."

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Disco Dancing

Today we had our end of year disco for team one.  We celebrated a year full of learning and activity with an iceblock and a disco.

Khyani, Adrianna, Charlotte and Abbey enjoying an ice block.

Ahasi, Marius and Tevita.

Disco Dancing

Charlotte, Abbey, Vika, Hinemoa and Khyani dancing.

A green alien ! No just Tevita having fun.

Prize Giving Video

Team 1 2016 Prize giving Movie from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
This is the video of all the children in Team One that played at Prize Giving.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Making Jelly

Room 16 Makes Jelly from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
Making jelly was a great way to see the changes that happened when a solid becomes a liquid and then using cooling becomes a solid again.  It provided motivation for the children's writing.

Jeyda wrote, "The jelly wobbled because it was solid in the packet.  Now it is a liquid but it needed to be put in the fridge until it was good for us to eat."

Savanah wrote, "The jelly was wobbly and sticky because when we made it, it looked like it was frozen."

The texture of the jelly was also a writing motivation with Adrianna writing, "The jelly is yummy at school.  It wobbled and wobbled, left and right.  It wobbled sideways."

Marius enjoyed the jelly, "I was eating jelly in Room 16.  Everybody chose their favourite colour.  The jelly was amazing.  I loved the jelly.  I ate it all.  The jelly was wobbly and it stuck on the spoon."

Friday, 2 December 2016

Making Pikelets

This term we have been looking at changes that happen to liquids, gases and solids when we heat, mix or cool them.  Room 16 made pikelets or mini pancakes to see the changes that happened to ingredients when we mixed them and then heated them.  Liquids became solid when mixed with flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.  We even used our maths to double the recipe.  The best thing was having a taste at the end.

Making Pikelets from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.