Room 16 is comprised of eighteen year one students who are 5 years old. They wish to share their learning with you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

See you Later

Our visit to the zoo inspired us to make some animals, some were what we saw, some were imaginary and one was even extinct.  We made some crocodiles and alligators and inevitably the children started saying "See you later alligator.  In a while crocodile."  So we decided to see if we could make up some more sayings and these are the ones we came up with.  We had such fun making our movie - we hope you like it and can perhaps think of some other sayings.  Room 16

Rm 16-See You Later from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nelson the Baby Elephant

We have been learning about elephants and one of the books we read was "Nelson the Baby Elephant".  The children enjoyed this book and Kohatu and Teejay wrote stories about Nelson.

"Nelson is little.  He fell down because he had wobbly legs. "  By Kohatu

"Nelson is a small baby elephant with thick grey skin.  He comes from a big family who love him."  By Teejay

William's picture of an elephant family.

Teejay's elephant at the waterhole.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Drawing Zebras

We had fun today practicing our iPad skills and drawing zoo animals using the square shape.  We changed the square to the shape we required, duplicated body parts to get them the same shape and then added details.  This is Kamryn's zebra by the waterhole.

My Zebra By Kamryn

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Athletics Day 2015

Athletics Day 2015 from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Athletics Day on Friday was a fun day.  We had been practising for the running races for several weeks but the other activities were fun.  We jumped, played with a parachute, did an obstacle course and had a sack race.  In the movie you can see us enjoying our Athletics Day.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Visit to the Zoo

Going to the Zoo from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.
We spent a wonderful day at the zoo studying the animals to see what they need to survive.  We were able to look at their habitats, what they were eating, and how they had adapted to their habitat.  Some came up close to us while others preferred to stay in their enclosures out of the rain but we were still able to learn a lot about them.  Class 16

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Movie Stars!

Today we were movie stars!  Our whole school went by bus to the Sylvia Park movie theatre to watch the movies we had made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  We were so excited to go with our buddies and see ourselves on the big screen in our movie "Mouse Encounters" as well as watch movies that other classes had made.  There are some wonderful movies with very talented actors in them.  Have a look at some of the other movies that are on the Manaiakalani site.
Waiting with our buddies

On our way!

Walking in to the theatre.

Mouse Encounters

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tevita's Duffy Certificate

Tevita did "his best at the test" and was awarded the Duffy Certificate this week.  He worked hard to answer all the questions in his maths test.  Well done Tevita and thank you for sharing your Piggity Wiggity book with us.
Tevita with his Duffy Certificate and book.

Two More Classmates Turn Six

On Friday we celebrated two more sixth birthdays as Kamryn and Ashley turned six.  They received their birthday certificates at the team assembly and team one sang "Happy Birthday" to them.  Happy birthday to you both.
Ashley and Kamryn turn six.

Photo Time

Today we had our class photo taken.  We had to wait quietly while another class had their photo taken.  Then we walked over to where there were lots of chairs arranged and we were told where to sit.  Time to put on our best smiles and sit very still!

The Manaiakalani Film Festival Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are all going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  We are all very excited about the big day as we will be film stars on the big screen.  We needed to think about being good Pt Englanders so we wrote and drew about it this morning.  Here are some of our stories and a picture of us going in the bus.

"Tomorrow we are going on the bus to the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  We have to stay with our buddy and listen to them. "  By Anihana

"We are going to Manaiakalani Film Festival tomorrow.  We have to be sensible to each other and watch the movie quietly."  By Najari

We are going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park.  When we get there we have to get off with our buddy.  When our buddy walks, we walk out of the bus.  When we sit down with our buddy, we have to be nice and sensible so Madison and Kamryn can do their story.  When they are finished we can clap."  By Phoenyx
Ashley drew us getting on the bus.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Ryder's Duffy Certificate

Ryder got the Duffy Certificate this week because he has been using some interesting descriptive words in his stories.  This is one of Ryder's stories.

"When the giraffes looked around carefully for lions they were thirsty so they were going to the waterhole. The youngest giraffe's mouth didn't reach the water when he tried to put his mouth in the water to drink."

"A lion has a mane on him because it makes him look strong.  He has strong legs to run fast.  A lion does not purr.  Lions have claws and teeth that look like a vampires."