Room 16 is comprised of eighteen year one students who are 5 years old. They wish to share their learning with you.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Visit from Mrs Duck and Her Ducklings

Mrs Duck visited Pt England school with her five ducklings.  They all were very busy finding bugs and grubs out on the field after all the rain we have had.  Mrs Duck and her family provided a good topic for our writing this morning.  Here are some of the children's stories.

"Mother Duck and her baby ducklings came to school.  They were looking for bugs to eat for breakfast."  By Jeremiah

"The five ducklings were hungry.  Mother Duck got them some bugs and grubs from out of the grass." By Heilala

"The baby ducklings were cute.  They looked fluffy and tiny."  By Seini

"We went outside and we saw baby ducks.  They were called ducklings.  The mother duck she was big."  By Ahasi

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