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Friday, 10 January 2020

Bear Snacks and Fairy Bread

Adding sprinkles
In Term 4 we were looking at Fairy Tales so we decided to make Fairy Bread and Bear Snacks.  Although both yummy snacks needed bread but they were quite different.  The Fairy Bread had sprinkles on it and it was a sweet snack.  The Bear Snacks had toasted bread, sugar and cinnamon to make it brown and slices of banana for the ears and nose.  Raisins added the detail of the eyes and nose.
Cutting a star shape

Cutting the Fairy Bread into quarters

Finding another way to cut the Fairy Bread into quarter strips

Paaka tastes the Fairy Bread
Darren finds the Fairy Bread fairly tasty

Ace gives it the thumbs up
Mele enjoys a Bear Snack

Kalylah liked her Bear Snack

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