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Monday, 18 November 2019

Our Goldilocks and The Three Bears Stories

This term we have been looking at fairy stories.  The children have enjoyed listening to old favourites as well as new ones and writing their own recounts about them.  Here are some recounts about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

" Once upon a time there was a cottage in the woods.  The three Bears lived in the cottage.  They liked porridge but not too hot.  Goldilocks liked porridge too and she ate Baby Bear's porridge all up"  Story and picture by Aie Sorn

" The Three Bears were making porridge.  Then Goldilocks walked up the stairs.  Goldilocks sat on Dad's chair but it was too hard.  Mother Bear's chair was too soft and Baby Bear's chair was just right."  Story and picture by Mele

Mele's picture of the three bears going for a walk

"Mother Bear made some porridge and the porridge was too hot so they went for a walk.  Goldilocks came by.  She looked at the three bowls.  There was a hot big bowl and a cold middle sized bowl and one that was just right."  By Isabella

"Goldilocks liked porridge.  Mother Bear made good porridge."  Story and picture by Corenilias

The bears house and Father Bear by Corenilias

" Goldilocks went to the Bear's house.  She opened the door.  Then she went inside.  She was hungry and she ate the porridge."  Story and picture by Khittamai

"Once upon a time the toru Bears went for a walk.  Goldilocks was eating the porridge.  Father's porridge was too hot.  Mother's was too cold and the little Baby Bear's porridge was just right."  Story and picture by Ofili

" Goldilocks and the three Bears.  Goldilocks ate Baby Bear's porridge.  Goldilocks went up the stairs and she went to sleep and the Three Bears found her in bed."  Story by Darren

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